What all do you get?


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Jan 20, 2008
I recieved a type one four year scholarship for AFROTC and all i have recieved is a thin letter saying that I was awarded it. I was wondering, do you get anything else in the mail or is it just like that? one simple letter?
ross747, congratulations! :thumb: Have you decided which university you will attend?
You will receive a big packet with rules and regs. The is an accept letter with your choice university. You will have until May 15th? or so to send a yes/no. When you send the paperwork you have to send a copy of your letter of acceptance of the college you chose. There is also DODMERB stuff, if you didn't apply to a SA then you need to start that.

It came a few weeks after that letter. Also you will start getting letters, phone calls and emails from dets. across the country asking you to come here.

My Son is loving school and ROTC. After hearing about what AFA is doing(internet and closing the hospital) these days, he is happy at UF.