What are F, A/C, and A/D weekends?

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    Could someone interpret these for me? Thanks.
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    F = football weekend. There's a home football game you will be required to attend and possibly have additional duties (i.e. parade, duty regiment, etc.)
    A/C = Comm's weekend. Training supporting your military development can get scheduled here (i.e. SAMI although this isn't restricted to just A/C weekends, driver's training, physical challenges, German Proficiency Badge events like the ruck, etc.)
    A/D = Dean's weekend. They used to do lectures or course wide WPR's (exams) scheduled for these days when everyone would be there so they could be administered at the same time. They've moved away from this for the most part although still possible, and it mostly is used now for mando morning study hall for the underclass and deficient upperclass if it is being enforced.

    The main thing to take away is that F weekends, you won't be able to take pass until after your last duty is complete (generally the football weekend). Most of the time, A/C and A/D weekends end up being free Saturday and Sunday but you can't count on that and may end up losing your Saturday to training. If there's no training scheduled, you may be able to take pass then, depending on your TAC officer. The only weekends you can truly count on being yours are B weekends but good luck finding them. They don't occur as frequently as cadets would like. Its all about time management and staying ahead of your requirements as much as possible and you'll still find yourself with plenty of free time.

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