What are my chances at getting into west point?

Andrew A.

New Member
Dec 7, 2016
got a 1450 SAT
3.35 gpa (but coming from one of the best private schools in texas)
eagle scout
order of the arrow brotherhood level (boy scout honor society)
golf team captain
young conservatives club president
football team member for 2 years
national latin honor society
maxed the west point physical examination
7 varsity letters
4 AP classes
Apply. Enjoy the journey. It's great to set goals. The process alone will sharpen your aptitude. Good luck.
No one knows your chances. Just apply next year and see what happens.

Also apply to SLE to make sure West Point is really where you want to go.

FYSA, your GPA is irrelevant. Your class rank is more important in the eyes of West Point. If your school doesn't rank, then your SAT scores become a huge factor in your WCS.
^^ Agree, none of use can rate your chances and you can do just as well reading the thousands on prior posts asking basically that question.

Not sure what you mean by:
maxed the west point physical examination

If you are a jr in h.s. I assume you have not yet taken/passed DODMERB, so perhaps this is some other measure being used. DODMERB is pass/fail so I assume you 'maxed' out something else.