What are my chances of getting in?

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    Hello, I am wondering what my chances are of being accepted into the USMA class of 2019. This year I'll be an incoming junior and I am Asian and female ( not sure if it affects the chances of me getting in). Here's the break down of everything is:
    Unweighted: 3.92
    Weighted: 4.72
    My school has no ranking but there are around 700 students in my year.

    Chinese 1: A/A
    English 1 H: A/A
    Geometry 1 H: B/B
    Biology 1 H: A/A
    World History AP: A/A

    Chinese 2: A/A
    Chemistry 1 H: A/A
    Algebra 2 H: A/A
    Psychology AP: A/A
    English 2 H: A/A

    Classes that I will be taking junior year:
    Chinese 3 H
    AP United States History
    Biology AP
    English 3 H
    Pre- calculus with limits

    Classes that I will be taking in senior year:
    Chinese 4 AP
    Economics and Government Ap
    Physics B AP
    Calculus AB AP
    English 4 AP
    Computer Science AP ( maybe)

    Will be in Model United Nations for 4 years, and will be a candidate for a secretariat position in senior year.

    I have not yet taken the Sat or PSAT yet, but I will be taking them this fall.

    I am a 2 year varsity swimmer, and plan on swimming for the rest of highschool, which means I will be a 4 year varsity swimmer when I graduate. I have made CIF in swimming for division 2 for 2 years so far, and most likely will swim it all four years. Also a candidate for Girl's Team Captain in senior year. I have also made Junior Olympics in the Southern California Division when I swam on a club team.
    I am a Girl Scout and have achieved the bronze and silver award, and I am currently working on my Gold Award. Also working on a congressional award.
    Volunteer Work:
    Mission trip in Honduras
    Junior counselor at the Boys and Girls Club
    Hospital volunteer
    Middle school math team mentor

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    Usma2019, it looks like you are off to a great start. Make sure you sustain that drive. I would also contact the swim coach now if you think you'd be interested in doing that at West Point. It's a good time to start going into your jr year so the coach may have a chance to really look at your performance over time. www.goarmysports.com and look under the recruiting tab.
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    Know the NCAA rules. SA's operate under a different set.

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