What are my chances of getting into the USAFA?


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May 26, 2017
Hi, I'm a Sophomore in High School and I have been looking into the Academy and I was wondering if I have a chance of getting accepted, understanding that I also need a nomination from Congress.
I have a 3.85 GPA unweighted and 4.48 GPA weighted, and 20th in my class(of 530). I would like to enter through math/engineering and I will be taking Honors Pre-Calculus next year. At my school, I am in the Cross Country program on varsity (Sophomore year), along with varsity track and I will likely become team captain this coming year or next year. I am also in my school's band program and play the sousaphone (Tuba), and will be Section leader this year and next year for both Marching and Symphonic Band. Next year I plan to raise my GPA to a 3.9 and take more AP classes. I will also likely join my school's NHS (national honors society) next year, and hopefully participate also the year after. I am going to volunteer at both my Church and Library, likely around 100 hours this summer and more next school year.

If any undergrad or alumni of the Academy could give me any advice going into my Junior year, or tell me my chances of gaining acceptance, I would appreciate it greatly.
No one can give you a simple yes or no. It depends on too many variables, which is why they have admissions to work them out. You did not mention SATs so my recommendation is to start excelling there. Also, admissions wants to see experience in leadership roles so do not think the candidate who is captain or president in every club has a better chance. Make a difference and be prepared to discuss it with people as the process will require it somewhere along the way.
1. Look at the statistics for the past several classes and compare your resume. If you are at the median or above in most of them then you are a solid candidate. If not, then you can see areas where you need to improve.

2. Contact your MOC and ask for who leads the SA nomination process. Ask them about timelines and how competitive your area usually is for nominations.

3. Worry about what you can control which is building the best application possible thinking about it from a total person perspective. You can have great grades and test scores, but that alone will likely not be enough. You need leadership and should be ready to distinguish what you accomplished as a leader more than just having it to check a box. You need to focus on a sport and lettering in it if possible. Leading a team is also favored.

Finally, know going in that there are applicants each year with great scores who do not get an appointment. If this is your dream then you need to know early what is your plan B and plan C. Take some time and read this board and you will find plenty of advice.
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