What are my chances? (Summer Seminar for 2018)


Sep 16, 2017
Hello. I am a 16 year old male Asian-American high school junior currently enrolled at a competitive high school in Orange County, California. I will be turning 17 in November. I was wondering what my chances of getting admitted to the USNA Summer Seminar, given my statistics.

Also, I would like to note that I posted something similar to this on the West Point subforum with the same information listed below. I also had a few questions:

- Is there an advantage to applying to and/or attending the USNA Summer Seminar versus the West Point SLE?
- Is there an advantage to attending more than one summer seminar experience (i.e., Naval Academy, West Point, AND Air Force)?

SAT: 1540 (first time, August test score)

Math: 800
Verbal: 740
Essay: 7-3-7


GPA UW: 4.00
GPA W: 4.64
Top 10% of class (estimation, school does not rank)

SAT Subject: Math II (760), plan to retake for perfect

- Freshman: English Honors 1, Band, Spanish 1, Alg2/TrigH, Track and Field, BiologyH, Human Geo AP
- Sophomore: English Honors 2, Spanish 2, PreCalculusH, Track and Field, ChemistryH, World History
- Junior: English Honors 3, Spanish 3, Calculus BC AP, Chemistry AP, Psychology AP, US History AP

So far, I have gotten a 5 on every attempted AP exam (Human Geo). I have also gotten all A's in every class I have taken so far. My current projection for my junior year is a 5 on the Calculus, Psychology, and US History exams and a 4 on the Chemistry exam.


- Track and Field (2 years)
- Taekwondo (8 years, second degree black belt)

Community Service/Extracurricular

- Boy Scouts of America (4.5 years)
- Eagle Scout Candidate (currently working on service project)
- 3 leadership positions in scouts (ASPL, Librarian, PL)
- 30+ merit badges
- 40+ service hours accrued from scouting opportunity
- National Honor Society (member)
- Love of God Club (member)
- Trombone, school band (4 years)

Please give me your honest input. I appreciate your time.
None of us know your chances for summer Seminar. Remember at USNA, NASS is not the most competitive are accepted. If you read previous threads you will see many of us mention that NASS is a recruiting tool for USNA to reach out to URMs and areas not highly represented at USNA. You have very impressive stats but none of us can tell you if that will help to get into NASS or not. It does not count for points on your application. Attending a summer program at any of the SAs allows you to see if a SA is for you. If you are considering multiple SAs, attending multiple programs allows you to see which SA is best for you. Many candidates also run into conflicts for Boys States or multiple summer programs. There is no advantage or disadvantage on attending one or the other programs unless you really want to attend 1-2 SAs. Apply for the summer program for which SAs interest you. If you are accepted, evaluate if a SA is the right fit for you. It's also great to knock our your CFA early and in a competitive environment.
^^ I agree, other who try to 'chance' you on any of the SS programs are simply guessing and have no specific knowledge of how the SA choses those to attend.
You have very impressive statistics, congratulations on all of your wonderful achievements. Like said previously, Summer Seminar doesn't equal USNA and vice versa. People get in to one, not the other, or both. If you don't get accepted to the Summer Seminar, still apply to the Academy.
Apply as soon as application will open. From our experience and from what i heard from others, this is the best way to get in.
How soon you apply has no impact on your 'chance' of being accepted.
My recommendation is to apply to all of the summer seminars and see what happens. While you might not necessarily be interested in a specific academy it will give you the SA experience.

USMA, USAFA, and USNA all use the same CFA. By attending you have the opportunity to take the CFA and then transfer it to the SA of your choice.

I would also say that applying early has an advantage if you plan to attend more than one summer seminar as you may have the opportunity to swap weeks of attendance before the schedules are full. If you wait until the end of the application period you might not be able to make any changes and might end up with conflict or perhaps a conflict with boys/girls state.