What are my chances?/ XC at West Point


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Oct 26, 2008

I am currently apply for the USMA class of 2013 and I am asking 2 questions.
1. What are my chances I will get in?
2.Will I be able to run Cross-Country at West Point?

Note: My Grade scales are out of 100.0

My SAT scores are 620CR/650M/520W.
I go to a prep school whose median SAT is 2040. my class rank has fluctuated quite a bit. The median avg. for my school is 86.0. I was 87.8 winter term 84.0 spring term and I currently have a 87.8 GPA. I take 2 AP courses (AB Calc, Art History).
I am enrolled in Chinese and have been taking it for four years. I consider the program to be pretty advanced. I have studied in China for a month this summer with a home stay.

I am a member of the Varsity XC team and ran a 16:55 5k on 10/11.
I am a Varsity Track runner and am on the JV wrestling squad.
I am also on a club who raises money for charities I spend about an 1hr a week.

My co-circular are not extensive, but I run about 2hrs a day five days a week. And meets with traveling last about 8 hrs on a Saturday.
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