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    hello im a sophmore that has wanted to go to west point like literally forever but i dont really know my chances i have a 3.8 gpa with taking advanced math classes and honors classes. next year i am taking AP US and all honors classes and my senior year i will be taking pretty much all AP's such as physics and calculus. i am on the Xcountry team and swim. i also did football until this year. also im involved in a robotics club and i love doing it. im their 6 days a week there after school working on the robot and on my way to becoming the engineering leader. i also take robotics class and will be taking robo 2 and 3 my junior and senior year. i was involved in royal rangers also for 6 years( boy scouts kinda but for church) im also involved in my church. i run the sound board for the youth worship on wednesdays. i also volunteer at a veterans hospital and the osu. and also the food bank and stop hunger. i plan on being in NHS and fellowship of christian athletes. anyways i know that was long winded but i really would like to go to west point because i want to serve my country..also i got a 32/36 on my ACT prep and i didnt even finish! also i plan on visiting my congressman in the next month..pls give me advice and tell me if u think i have the credentials to become a cadet. thanks guys! God Bless
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    Sounds super good. Make sure you apply to boys state next year. And make those leadership roles and ACT scores official next year as well. Snag a varsity letter or 2 as well. But so far so good :)
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    On Track!

    This is how WP adds up a WCS. "Whole Candidate Score" This is part of the formula they use to grade a candidate who has opened a file.

    Academics (60%)
    Class rank (15 points)
    SAT score (35)
    High School Grades (10)
    Extra points for Valedictorian/National Honor Society/National Merit Scholar

    Leadership (30%)
    School Leadership – extra points for class or student body president
    Eagle Scout/Gold Star Girls Scout
    Boys and Girls State
    Athletic Participation – Team Captain Status
    Team sports

    Fitness CFA (10%)

    Being a recruited athlete /Under Represented Minority/Active Service can fall in to different category pertaining to WP Class compositions.

    The standardized testing is a huge part of WCS and it is important to do your very very best and take the tests multiply times. My DS has taken ACT/SAT 8 times.

    This is how WP breaks it down.

    WP thinks your high school rank is more important than your GPA. However, to have a high rank (top 15%) you need a great GPA.

    Also to improve your WCS, get those SAT/ACT scores as high as you can.

    WP looks for not the best but the "Well Rounded" candidate - Academics, Leadership, Athletics.

    After your Junior year sign up for SLE at WP and Boys/Girls State. These programs are looked upon favorable as leadership. And GET THE EAGLE from BSA.

    Good Luck, you're well, ahead of the game. On the stickys there are some guides.

    Push Hard, Press Forward

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