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    Hello, all. First post here, but I have been reading threads for a few days. While I understand that every situation is different, I would like to know what my chances most likely are for the following credentials:

    ACT Composite: 33
    -Math: 34
    -English: 35
    -Science: 35
    -Reading: 33
    SAT: 2050
    -Math: 610
    -English: 670
    -Writing: 770
    -Varsity hockey for 3 years, team captain this year
    -Cross country for one year (this one)
    -Roller hockey for one year (freshman), team captain
    -3.95 GPA unweighted
    -21 out of 252
    -AP psychology, AP calculus AB, AP calculus BC, AP physics, college level
    composition, college chemistry, digital electronics, AP government, advanced
    American literature I and II, honor's biology, Spanish I - III
    -2011 Academic Achievement Award
    -2012 Academic Achievement Award
    -Employed at a grocery store since June 2011
    -two promotions
    -train new hires in sacking and pushing carts
    -work 30-35 hrs/week in the summer and 20-25 during school
    Community service
    -Over 40 hours, mostly by donating blood and volunteering for Salvation
    -attended 5+ leadership seminars
    -captain on two sports teams
    -Tech Sergeant in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP): flight sergeant of 10-12 cadets;
    discipline, drill, education
    -Vice president of Family, Career, Community Leaders of America (FCCLA):
    school club promoting leadership, community service, and school spirit
    -CAP mentor: assist and provide positive role model for new cadets
    -LINK crew at my high school: provides senior friends and leaders to
    incoming freshmen
    -hockey is not a school sport
    -FCCLA for two years
    -CAP for one and a half
    -National Honor Society: community service club, competitively chosen
    -mechanical and CAD team for robotics for half a year
    -basketball throw: 73
    -pullups: 10
    -shuttle: 9:06 (it was wet and I slipped both trials; commented that on my
    -situps: 95
    -pushups: 75
    -mile: 5:14

    I have a nomination, but I do not know if I am the primary or not. I will not find out until January 1st at least.
    I am medically qualified.

    Again, I recognize that it is different for all applicants, but, generally, what are my chances?

    Thank you very much!

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