What are my Chances?


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Feb 15, 2009
I am a candidate for the 2013 USNA class. I have completely finished my application and was wondering what my chances were for receiving an appointment. Here are my credentials:

SAT: Verbal-660 Math-610 Writing-620

GPA: 3.85 unweighted

Rank in Class: 17/386 or top 5%

-AP Government-5
-AICE Classes- English Literature, Thinking Skills, Math(pre-calculus) Biology, Psychology, English Literature, U.S. History, European History
-Will receive AICE Diploma**

-Football (9th, 10th) Starter on freshman and J.V. team
-Basketball (9th)
-Track (9th, 11th, 12th) All varsity except for 9th and should receive varsity letter this year
-Swimming (12th) Varsity Letter, made it to Conference and District meets

Extra-Curricular Activities
-NHS (9th, 11th, 12th)

-Latin Club (10th, 11th, 12th)

Summa cum Laude National Latin Exam (Latin I)
Maxima cum Laude National Latin Exam (Latin II)
2008 Regional Latin Forum
-2nd place Mottos, Quotes, and abbreviations (Latin II level)
-5th place Mythology (Latin II level)
2009 Regional Latin Forum
-1rst place Advanced History of the Roman Republic
-2nd place Advanced History of the Roman Empire

-Symphonic Band (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th)

9th Grade- 1rst Chair All-county Band
10th Grade- Most outstanding Member of Band, 13th Chair All-County Band
11th Grade- Leadership by example award
12th Grade- 6th Chair All-County Band, 4th Chair All-county Wind Orchestra

-Marching Band (10th, 11th, 12th)

Officer-Squad leader in 12th grade

*There are some gaps between some of my extra-curricular activities, only because I moved between my 9th and 10th grade year. Therefore, I was not able to assimilate back into all of my extra-curricular activities.
**I know that not everyone is familiar with the AICE program. Essentially, it is the same as AP, but it is implemented by Cambridge University in England.
It looks like you have a great resume. I would consider adding some leadership postions. I see you received a leadership award. And also some volunteering would be great too. Good luck.
I think your son has an excellent resume, his chances are great as long as he has a Nomination.
AICE Program

This program is practically identical to the AP and IB programs. The only difference is that it is implemented by Cambridge University in England. They offer end of the year exams that determine how well you have learned the material over the year. Except they do not grade in the AP style. (1-5) They grade in a scale from E-A. E being the lowest and A being the highest. Then it is all up to the University to determine what scores they will accept for credit, if they will at all. The Cambridge program also provides a comparison scale to AP as follows:


There is also a letter "U" which means un-gradable. And the acronym AICE stands for Advanced International Certificate of Achievement.

The problem with my school right now is that they are transitioning from an "AP" school to a "Cambridge" school. I hope the lack of familiarity with the program does not hurt my chances for an appointment. I hope that answers all your questions about the program.

I also forgot to mention that I am currently a life scout with numerous leadership positions over a couple of years. (patrol leader, Bugler, etc.)
I recently found out that IB Diplomas mean absolutely nothing to most universities. I would assume the same goes to AICE Diplomas, so basically we're doing all those extra assessments for fun.
Not getting recognitions sure sucks, but all you can do is stay humble and try not to regret not taking the easier way out--aka AP.:rolleyes:
good-ish, if you have a nomination better
I think its pretty late to start anything new but finishing up Eagle would help A LOT
Nothing to regret Asnarkarus. The extra assignments might seem to suck, but they are only making you a better student with a higher odds that you will succeed in learning at the higher level.
Apparently the assistant dean of admissions told me yesterday that IB examinations cannot be validated, regardless of what marks you got. :eek:

I'm just hoping that by the time validation testing comes around I won't forget everything. He-he, no regrets though.