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    Hi everyone! My dream/goal is to attend USMA, although I would be honored to be accepted into any of them. I'm a rising senior, and I'm really worried that I won't be accepted. A couple months ago, I was rejected to the USMA SLE, but I think it could have been because I put my interest as "medium" because I thought I had other plans. However, I did get into the summer seminar at the Naval Academy. For USMAs candidate file, I already typed everything I could have put in, and have been regularly updating it, but they won't view it until June or July I believe. Several months ago, I was contacted by one of the USMA athletic coaches, who came and watched me play, and then invited me to come visit, which I promptly did over Spring Break. I'm really not sure of his real impressions though, and he hasn't really contacted me since then. I'm pretty lost right now in the process, although I almost have my nomination packets finished and sent out (by June 10th). In my first 2 years of high school, I switched schools several times, so I haven't really ever gotten the chance to become class president or anything like that. I have taken the ACT one time, and I got a composite of 31 (Reading 33, English 30, Math 29, Science 30, Writing Essay 27) , but I am taking it again next weekend. For the SAT, I am still waiting on my scores. I kind of got sucked into the awfulness of high school during my freshman year, so my GPA sank to a 3.4ish for nonweighted, and 3.7 for weighted. But in my junior year, I pressed harder and raised my grades (6 AP, 1 regular honors), and got 2 Bs and 5 As. I know it isn't what USMA wants, but I really have been trying hard haha. For extracurriculars, I won doubles state in tennis, and was was on varsity for 3 years so far, and I will be a senior captain next year. I am an active church and volunteer member (such as team captain for relay for life), and I do a lot of civic activities. I have won multiple regional sportsmanship awards, and am on a 7-state Junior liaison council. I recently also got a job with hefty 8 hour work days. I used to play a lot of junior tournaments, and was ranked really high, but this summer, I'll be playing in only a national recruiting tournament, and both the USNA and USMA coaches have confirmed to come watch me. However, I think I'm completely overwhelmed by this process, and I just want to know if it truly is worth it to keep pressing for admission. Sorry about the lengthy thread!
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    Take a look at the "stickies" at the top of the USMA forum page. There is a lot of helpful information there. I would take the ACT again because West Point superscores. I would definitely keeping working toward admission by having fantastic grades, great leadership, and excelling in tennis.

    And yes, it is truly worth it to keep pressing for admission. :)
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    ^^^ I agree, read the stickies FIRST and then ask if there are other unanswered questions. No one on here sits on the admissions board, so we can't do anything but guess at your 'chances'. SLE & NASS are partly recruiting efforts for those who might not otherwise consider an SA. Not being chosen has no impact on getting an appointment.

    Being recruited for sports won't automatically get you an appointment, but lots of older threads about sports as well.

    Not sure why you are 'lost' in the application process as the WP website has step by step info on how to proceed.

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