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    Dec 12, 2013
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    I am currently in the middle of my junior year in high school, (home schooled). I was just wondering what my current odds are of getting accepted into West Point.
    -My gpa is around 3.9, 4.0.
    - I have taken four years of English, with a strong emphasis on writing.
    - I have four years of math, algebra all the way through pre-calculus, which I am currently in now.
    - US History, this is my first year of it. Plan on taking it my senior year as well.
    - I'm taking physics this year.
    - I've started taking the ACT I got a 22, I plan on taking it until I get at least a 29 on it.

    For my extracurricular activity.
    - I maintain a job, working about 30 to 35 hours/ week in the summer time.
    - I am a cadet in Civil Air Patrol, I plan on obtaining a strong leadership position in CAP.
    - I will be competing on the state level with my squadron's color guard team.
    - I volunteer my own time to assist with the family business during the school year and in the winter.
    - I'm active in Boy Scouts. (Just starting out).
    - I am participating in Cyber Patriot, which is a national high school cyber defense competition.
    -I am in great physical shape.

    I have three brothers who are currently in the army; one of which is an Army warrant officer.
    -One received the Audie Murphy Award, one of the highest awards for excellent Army NCO's.
    - Another brother who is in Special Forces.
    -Yet another Brother who is an army helicopter pilot.

    what is the likelyhood of me getting into USMA?
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    Three Pillars......

    West Point looks for the “well rounded” candidate, not the best but a well rounded. They base this off three pillars, Academics, Leadership and Athletics. West Point is built by the Army to develop leaders. So you must ask yourself, “Am I Well Rounded?”

    You mentioned, you just started BSA, which is great, and it’s a great junior leadership program. As you stated you’re a junior in home schooling. You do receive points in your whole candidacy score, but only if you reach scouting highest award, Eagle Scout. You will need to get a merit badge a month to finish by the time your 18 plus complete your Eagle Scout Leadership Project. On average takes 3 months.

    What about your SAT test? You should have taken both of these tests by now. Most candidates take the tests at least 3 or 4 times.

    Athletics is a huge part of every day life at WP and in the Army.

    Set goals for yourself to complete your Eagle Scout rank, look into Boys State and West Points SLE program during your summer before entering your senior year.

    And bring up those ACT/SAT test scores!!!

    Don't worry about your brothers, you will be held acceptable for your own success and failures.

    No one here can give you a definitive answer on your odds.

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    Academically, you are doing well! Just get that ACT up (I'm trying to get mine up too xD)

    - Work on involvement in your community. Being home schooled, I assume you're limited to clubs and leadership positions, but I could be wrong. And try to get community service hours to help your community in any way to impact it, not just your family.

    -Ant it's great that you're in good physical shape, but make sure you are practicing the 6 different parts of the Candidate Fitness Assessment: Cadence Pull Ups(at your own pace), Kneeling basketball throw, 120 ft shuttle run, situps in 2 minutes, pushups in 2 minutes, and a 1 mile run. By the way, Cadence Pull ups are A LOT tougher than regular chin ups! Brace yourself, but keep at it, and you'll get it!

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    Tug mentioned athletics as being a pilar, but you don't talk about any participation. Athletics is about leadership, not physical fitness and it is a gaping hole in your short resume up there. You need to find at least a rec league to play a sport in if you want to have a decent shot.

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