What are the 2008 accept/reject deadlines for AROTC & NROTC-USMC Scholarships offers?


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Nov 15, 2007
Hello all,

I am Brian. I am a career Army Officer who's oldest Son is applying to USMA, and VMI as well as competing for the Army and Navy - USMC Option 4 year ROTC scholarships.

So far my Son (Sean) has completed the Army and USMC ROTC Scholarship process and interviews and is awaiting hopeful scholarship offers.

Sean completed the Army ROTC interview and application process on 2 November 2007. He completed the USMC application process on 13 November 2007.

The cadre for both ROTC interviews said that Sean was very competitive for the scholarships. The Army Captain opined that Sean would receive a scholarship but was uncertain as to when it would be offered.

Since the Army scholarships offers are decentralized, we are waiting on schools offers.

The USMC Catains were also optimistic after his interview and stated that their detachment expects to receive 3 scholarships allotted from National board in late February. Based on last years board applicants and results, Sean would have been near the top of the merit list and would have been offered a scholarship. Will that happen this year? We certainly hope so.

What we don't know about yet, is what are the deadlines are for accepting or rejecting Scholarship offers (if received), so we can make a comparative decision and not miss out on a opportunity.

Does anyone know when the accept or reject deadline is for the Army four year ROTC Scholarship? Same question for the Navy - (USMC Option) 4 year ROTC scholarship?

We hope to have the opportunity to weigh among the options of USMA, or the VMI and either the Army or USMC Scholarships.

Thanks in advance for the forum members comments and information.
Welcome! Sounds like your son will have a lot of options available to him!

On the Army side - There is a lot of money available for scholarships - last year they even extended the deadline and were awarding them into early summer. It sounds like the chances he will get an Army ROTC scholarship are excellent - it just may be a matter of when depending on the school.

The AROTC scholarship is an offer made by the Professor of Military Science - once the offer is made your son will be sent a "Letter of intent". He will have 30 days to send it back (I am pretty sure it's 30 days).
This is not binding but he can only accept one offer per offer period. If he gets an offer from School A in Nov. and accepts it but in March gets an offer to School B he can turn down the offer to School A and accept the offer to School B.
The letter of intent is not legally binding. He won't take the oath and do the rest of the paperwork until summer or early fall.
If he accepts an ROTC scholarship, either Army or MC and then gets an appointment to USMA he may certainly accept his appointment.

I am not sure about accepting a MC option scholarship if he has accepted an Army one. I would think he would have to turn back one to accept another.

We hope to have the opportunity to weigh among the options of USMA, or the VMI and either the Army or USMC Scholarships.
IMO - he should be doing that now. That way when his #1 opportunity comes along he can forget about the rest.
He can "play the game" to a certain extent - but he should have his options prioitized.

Good Luck!
Welcome, Ebbs! My son also had 30 days to decide on the AROTC scholarship offer last year. Just_A_Mom gives good advice! :thumb:
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small world?

Lax, Potomac, Dunn.

All three Lax Captains last year received AFROTC Scholarships. PSHS has a good rep with all of the services.

BTW look luck with Muffin in goal.

Yes, yes, and yes

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I got my offer for a AROTC 4 year scholarship to VT in the mail today and was wondering when are the periods?

Also what are you actually committing to by accepting their offer?
Congratulations! Virginia Tech! Nicely done!
November is the first offer period. The others are technically Jan and March and May.

You are intending to accept the scholarship. You can only accept one scholarship per period. If you accept this scholarship then they reserve a spot for you at VT.
If you get another offer in January - and you like it better then you can accept the 2nd offer and turn back the VT offer. VT will then have money available to another deserving student.

In effect what you are doing is having them hold a spot for you.

This website may be helpful:


First Round Offers: Notification letters are sent 1 Nov
Second Round Offers: Notification letters are sent 2 Jan
Third Round Offers: Notification letters are sent 1 Mar
Fourth Round Offers: Notification letters are sent 1 May
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