What are the three "Q"s anyway?


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Nov 29, 2008
Hi-I'm currently a junior and I'm applying to USNA starting with the summer seminar this year. I was wondering, however, after reading all of these forums, what are the requirements that permit a person to become scholastically qualified? I know the basics for the physical qualifications, listed on the USNA CFA instructions page, but I'm also unsure as to what the third qualification is. Leadership?

Thanks for any help!

You must be:

  • 1st Q: Scholastically qualified - SAT/ACT. class rank, transcripts, EC's, recommendations, essays, employment, volunteering, scouts, etc.

  • 2nd Q: Physically qualified - pass the CFA

  • 3rd Q: Medically qualified - pass the DODMERB examination (or get a waiver)

Then get a nomination.

Only then are you eligible to receive an appointment.
So what are generally good qualifying factors for the scholastic qualification?

  • High Math/Verbal SAT scores = over 600/600

  • Class Rank = top 5-10%

  • Varsity sports captain / letter winner

  • Eagle Scout

  • Boys State

  • Class President

  • Volunteer hours

  • Employment

  • Any other demonstrated leadership
A well rounded person, get good grades, be a leader and play sports is what it comes down to. You don't have to get a 2400 on the sat or have the perfect gpa, just be well rounded