What can give me an edge in getting accepted to the Academy?

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    I am currently in the process of applying to the Service Academies. I want to know anything that will give me an extra edge, like what are things that stand out.
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    Search the forums using "Chance me, " "stats" and "2020 appointments." You will see an array of data, in various proportions in each category, that successful and unsuccessful applicants post. Look at all the Service Academy forums; you will see common themes.

    If you haven't skimmed The Acronym List, do it before you wade into serious searches.


    Grades, class standing, test scores, challenging courses, STEM success, positions of leadership.

    Sports and athletic involvement, achievements, positions of leadership.

    Community involvement, positions of leadership or responsibility.

    Acceptable and strong performance on CFA.

    Being well-rounded, with good interview skills and a mature personal style.

    Some things you will have no control over:
    - how your school ranks against others
    - who you are competing against and how competitive your district is, in any given year
    - what method your MOC uses in his/her nom process
    - whether your state's MOCs do multiple noms per candidate or collaborate and agree on only one nom per candidate
    - what challenges you might face in the medical qualification process
    - what an Academy is looking for to build a class, in any given year

    You do have control over the quality and timeliness of your application. Do the work, track the submissions, present your best self. Your "edge" will be: smart packaging of your unique self and your achievements over the last few years; being clear, articulate and well-informed about why you want a particular Service Academy; and your understanding of the obligated military service or other obligation (USMMA) that follows.
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