What College courses should I take next?


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Feb 21, 2008
Hey guys, you've been so helpful in the past, I'd like to pitch another question at you.

I was homeschooled, and did the Ga GED to graduate. The USAFA recommends that homeschoolers go to college before attending the Academy, and that's what I'm now doing. I'm in my first semester. I'm taking Precalculus (prerequisite, because of GED etc), PoliSci, Eng II (I already have Eng I from another college), and what they call ASUO, a freshman orientation class (a basketweaving class). I don't have any CLEPs, official Highschool stuff or SAT IIs, what do you think I should take this next semester? I was thinking Spanish I, Calculus I, Chemistry, and a History class. What do you think? What's the best next step to avoid wasting time?

Thanks, I appreciate the help.
I'm not a home schooled kid, but the college classes that I took through high school were: Pre-calc, Trig, Calc, American History, Psych (2 classes), Spanish 1 and 2, Theatre, Biology, Chemistry, Freshman English, and Humanities. But I took these over a course of 2 years! I would definately recommend taking a foreign language, a math class, science, english, and then some sort of history/humanities/psychology class (It doesn't really matter which) The Academy recommends a series of those classes the year before someone enters.
You want to emulate freshman life at USAFA the best you can. I would suggest Calc 1, chemistry, spanish sounds good, history sounds ok, physics 1, and MAYBE biology (lesser importance). I'd say these would help you most IMHO.