What did you do in the days leading up to the CFA?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by Slopes, Sep 20, 2012.

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    Hey everyone,

    I am curious how different people prepared in the days before the CFA, as I am taking mine next week. Did you not do any exercise for 3 days? Did you train up until the very day of the test? Also, I would like to hear how you prepared in the hours before the test, did you take it easy, or do some warm up pushups etc.?

    Currently, I am thinking I will take it easy two or so days before the exam, and stretch thoroughly right before the exam. Feel free to give me tips on how you think I could improve though.
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    My tips:

    -Definitely don't exercise or exert yourself the day before, 2 days before if you think you need it.
    -Hydrate properly the night BEFORE.
    -Get plenty of sleep.
    -Stretch the night before as well as before the test.
    -Warm up (Your muscles work better when warmer).
    -Eat well.

    Essentially you want to be well rested and well energized. I took a couple sips of gatorade during the test to restore a little energy, but some people don't like energy drinks.

    I think timing is also important. I took a couple practice ones right after school and my PE teacher noted that I always seem tired at that time of day, so I took the real one right in the morning before school, which helped me get my best scores.
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    I went to Girls State the week before SLS, so I didn't have the option of working out at all that entire week, although I still did push-ups and sit-ups in my room for the first half of the week. Honestly, not working out strenously was probably a good thing to do. You'll be tired naturally because you're not used to waking up at 5:00 AM, which definitely affected my score to a certain extent, but I still was able to max out three of the events. If I were you, I'd just do mininmal exercise the week leading up to the CFA with the day or two before doing limited activity. It certainly worked out for me!

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