What do you think of my chances for SLE and USMA?

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    I'm currently a sophomore in high school and have always wanted to go to a service academy. I have a 4.4 cumulative GPA weighted and a 3.9 unweighted GPA. I take honors courses in Spanish, History, Chemistry, Trigonometry, and English. I plan to take two to three AP courses next year. I am a Varsity football player along with being a Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track member. I go to a very competitive school where we have graduated many service academy grads. Also, I'm in a leadership club, NHS, and I tutor and mentor freshman coming into the school. I got a 1720 on the SAT, with a 650 on critical reading, a 610 on math, and a 450 on writing, which is obviously my weakness. I also plan on joining student council this year.I also coach youth football in my local community. I was wondering what my chances were of getting into a service academy, preferably USMA.
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    Look at thread titled "Help with Admissions please". Everything posted there is relevant to your question. Class rank and standardized test scores- ACT and or SAT are very important to the academy. A high Math score - above 700 on SAT and 31 plus on ACT. Your CR score is good but if you can score higher, do it! You may test in both or just choose one to concentrate on.
    Next year take calculus and do well. Take physics and do well. My son took honors chemistry sophomore yr. and took AP chemistry junior yr. He did same with calculus.
    You are on the right track- keep it up!

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