What does alternate nomination mean?


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Dec 5, 2008
My son received a letter stating his congressman selected him as an alternate nominee for the USMA & USAFA. He also received a regular nomination for the USMMA. He is being recruited by all for wrestling, especially WP.

Does he still have a chance to gain entrance into the USMA this year? Or, does this mean they might send him to the prep school? (Which he would happily attend.)

Thanks for any help. :)
It sounds like your MOC submitted a principal and alternates. Your son has a nom but is not the principal. The MOC can submit a principal and ranked alternates, a principal and unranked alternates or an unranked slate with no principal (meaning the SA makes the choice based on the merits of each candidate). Depending on how the slate was submitted your son may be #2 on the list or wherever if it's unranked. Yes, your son may still obtain an appointment or prep offer. This can occur if a) principal does not accept (many principal noms are applying to more than one SA and get appointments to more than one so they turn one down...) b) principal has not/will not pass medical c) principal turns down to attend another school d) your son WCS warrants sons appointment off the nat pool resulting in more than one charged cadet to your MOC or e) other scenarios that are to vast to list.
Thank you.

I had to read that a few times, but I think I understand. Thanks for your help.
So, now we just wait and see I guess...