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    DD was checking her DoDMERB status and we have a question.

    Her DoDMERB page shows the following.

    Date Event Code(s)
    24-NOV-14 Application Added
    24-NOV-14 Date applicant entered into DoDMERB system
    21-JAN-15 Actual date of exam
    28-JAN-15 Date exam received at DoDMERB
    28-JAN-15 Medical data entry

    At the top of the page it says "Current medical status: under DoDMERB review.

    From what I can tell that seems normal. BUT.....

    Her DoDMETS page shows what is listed below. Why does it say "partial closed"?
    Why does it say "(last exam date + 10 days) 1/9/2015"?
    Was she supposed to get her physical by then?
    Does "FPhysical"mean anything? i.e. failed?
    Finally, why is "date submitted to DoDMERB:" blank, but "date incomplete-submitted to DoDMERB" appears to list 1/22/2015 with the phrase (can reopen with DoDMERB approval) in front of it?


    Nervous Ned

    Application Status
    Current Status: PartialClosed
    Date Medical Authorization Submitted to DODMERB: 11/25/2014
    Date Medical Authorization Approved by DODMERB: 11/25/2014
    Applicant's Pending Date:
    (LastExam Date + 10 Days) 1/9/2015
    Med. Provider: (redacted by me)

    Date Medical Exam Scheduled:
    Opt. Provider: (redacted by me)
    Date Optometric Exam Scheduled: 12/10/2014 11:00 AM
    Medical Forms Received:
    Test Name Date Received
    OPTO 12/11/2014 11:17:26 AM
    Fphysical 1/27/2015 10:17:32 AM

    Date Withdrawn
    Date First Chase Letter Issued:
    Date Second Chase Letter Issued:
    Date Submitted to DODMERB:
    Date Incomplete - Submitted to DODMERB:
    (Can Reopen with DODMERB Approval) Medical: 1/22/2015
    Opto: 1/12/2015

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    Our DS had the exact same situation. We were a little freaked out that they had closed out his file. We emailed DODMETS and they never responded. Then on the DODMERB website it showed the same activity as your DD's and it progressed along just fine. DODMETS never did find out. In our situation, DS's file was reviewed by the medical staff and his Remedial appeared next. Once we responded with additional medical records, they notated his DODMERB File showing they received it. It went to review again and then came back approved. Your DD seems to be on track.
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    You were correct, thanks! DD's DoDMERB page today showed that her file was reviewed and that she is now qualified (make that 3Q'd!).
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