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Dec 18, 2008


Congratulations, your scholarship file is now being sent to the next selection board for consideration for a 4-Year Army ROTC Scholarship. In addition to the board reviewing your file for the scholarship, the Professors of Military Science at the schools you have listed in your application will review your academic credentials as a predictor of your ability to gain admission. However, the Professor of Military Science does not decide who is admitted to the school, that is done by the college or university's admissions department.

You also need to ensure you do apply to each school on your list of choices, and contact their admissions department for specific admissions information and questions.

Because your file is currently under review, you will not be able to make any changes to your schools of choice or your order of preference.

Once again congratulations on making the choice to compete for an Army ROTC Scholarship completing your application.

Your POC in this office is Debra Conyers, (757) 788-4567, debra.conyers@usacc.army.mil

Thank you and Good Luck!!!!!
you will hear soon whether or not you recieved your scholarship when the board meets.