What exactly does the boarded status mean for AROTC?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by PKtraceur, Jan 6, 2014.

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    Jan 6, 2014
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    My status had been changed to boarded a few weeks ago. It will not allow me to change my schools of intent, but still application information. From the description I've read, it means my application has been reviewed and placed on an order of merit list. Does this mean that I should hear a result from the board meeting on the 6th if I have received a scholarship? If not, will my status change, and application be forwarded to the next board?
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    From the application site: "Boarded: This applicant’s packet has been reviewed by a board of PMS’s. An applicant’s file will only be boarded once. After boarding, each applicant’s file is scored and placed on an Order of Merit List (OML) in numerical order from which winners will be selected."

    Son's application packet was received in time for the 2nd and subsequent boards. As of yesterday, it was listed as "boarded" rather than "board ready" as it had been previously listed.

    Best of luck.
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    If you are awarded a scholarship from this board, you should receive an email from CC and the status on your application portal will change (typically in 2-3 weeks for both). If you are not selected on this board, you will not receive any sort of notification stating such, and you will automatically be rolled to the third board. Even if you aren't selected on the third board, there's still a chance you will get a scholarship. People who are awarded on the third board have 30 days to accept or decline the award. Any declined awards are put back into the pot and awarded to those who are highest on the remaining OML. The same applies for those who received awards on the earlier boards and accepted, but later find out they have been accepted to a military academy. They are then allowed to decline the scholarship, even though they had previously accepted it. Those scholarships are also thrown back into the pot. So, theoretically, it could be as late as April or May before you have a final answer.

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