What grades do they check?


Apr 20, 2017
Does the naval academy check only end of year grades or do they check semester and mid term grades. Also. Are end of year grades your end of year gpa or are they your actual percentage grades.
My son had ONE C sophomore year in math....Not year end, one marking period. Even with the 35 in math on the ACT and subsequent grades being high Bs and As, they wanted first marking period grades from this year. He has his appointment btw.
But do they care about it all???

If you got off to a slow start and show significant improvement - it may weigh less. Does USNA care - not a bit? However, you should care because you are competing against folks that never made a B and scored well on the ACT.

So in reality it depends on who your son/daughter is competing against for the nomination and then the appointment. Did they get off to a poor start or were they strong from the get go? If your grades aren't exceptional, what other things are you bringing to the dance that separate your candidacy from others.
There is still a little bit of confusion about how they look at grades. The actual number that is reported means very little in the WCS calculation. There has been many post about it and you could find them by digging.

In an effort to normalize the way schools calculate GPA and weight on different factors, they take your class rank and school profile to develop an academy ranking or GPA.. If you got one C and everyone else in your school got the same C in that class then it would not affect your ranking. If you took all basic courses and have a 4.0 GPA, the academy will not treat it as a 4.0 for ranking. A GPA of 3.2 and a class rank of 500/1000 is not the same as a GPA of 3.2 with a class rank of 50/1000. These are extreme examples but kind of show the process. If those B-s are in Honors/Pr-AP classes they will not kill your chances.

There is no way to actual control how the academy will see your school profile. What you need to focus on is taking the most challenging courses available to you and doing well. If you have lower grades and class rank, you need to do well on the standardized test to average out the scores. You also need to look at the other areas to help pull up the lower academic ranking.

As my friend @Cerberi says, you are competing against other kids who may have done better and you need to look at what else you can bring.