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What happens at SLS

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by jwizzle11, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. jwizzle11

    jwizzle11 5-Year Member

    Jan 17, 2012
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    I know you do workshops and there is a military day. But what exactly do you do in the workshops? How many people do you room with? Do you talk to admissions officers?

    Specifics like these are appreciated :D
  2. nuensis

    nuensis USNA 2016 5-Year Member

    May 23, 2011
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    Workshops depend on what you choose. I chose Ethics and Leadership, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering (or something like that, I don't quite remember the exact names).

    Ethics and Leadership was a discussion of values and morals, and an examination of many different ethical scenarios.

    In computer science, we were introduced to the CS major and how CS, IT, and EE work together to achieve goals and solve problems. Using some software on the MacBook and an iPod, we had to create a "script" that would fire the foam rockets into cups at the front of the classroom from a certain distance. Don't really want to ruin things, but let's just say the exercise was not as simple as it appears to be.

    In the electrical engineering seminar, we constructed stuff with from kits and played with robots. We made a thermometer and a little light-sensitive robot buggy.

    Each room had either three or four people, depending on the size of the room.

    There will be plenty of time to talk to admissions officers. There's several formal briefs, and admissions officers (and other Army officers) are always around to talk to throughout the week.
  3. vampsoul

    vampsoul 5-Year Member

    Mar 14, 2009
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  4. TheChicagoan

    TheChicagoan 5-Year Member

    Nov 26, 2011
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    Haaaaaaahahahaha. That's seriously great! (Actually made me chuckle a lil' bit.) But is it propaganda if you know it's coming, and you want to hear it? ;)


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