What Happens if an Appointment is Declined?

Discussion in 'Nominations' started by EagleMom, Feb 4, 2007.

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    Situation: A candidate receives his MOC's nomination (the nomination is not a primary nomination nor are the nominees ranked) and subsequently he receives an appointment from the Naval Academy. If the candidate declines the appointment in several months, does the appointment slot go back to the MOC's nominee group for competition among themselves or is it given to the national pool of candidates?
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    In this situation you would not know if the candidate was initially charged to the congressman or whether the appointment came from the national pool.

    Assuming tht the original appointment was against the MOC, remember that 1500 or so appointments are allotted for approximately 1200 openings. A certain number of candidates are expected to decline, hence the excess appointment offers.

    Will the MOCs appointments be changed to reflect another of his alternates, originally appointed from the national pool, now showing as his primary appointment, I have no idea. And don't know if there is a set policy. If there is one, it is not promulgated that I am able to find. It could very well end up being a joint agreement between the MOC and the Academy how it is treated but I am simply speculating.