What is a M.O.C?


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Jul 4, 2007
What is a MOC, and can someone please list all other nomination sources and competitiveness of each?

In addition, I have had my 2 Senators and a Representative applications sitting in front of me for the past month, and I got them after I was accepted into Naval Academy Summer Seminar. Its not that I am procrastinating, its just I want them to see my new GPA (3.6/4.0) and transcripts, and I have to get them from the school in September..any suggestions?
can someone please list all other nomination sources and competitiveness of each?

Everyone is eligible for a VP, their 2 Senators, and their MOC.

JROTC units may nominate. Regular units only to the service to which they are attached. Honors units across the board to any service academy.

If your parent is military, there are many, from disabled or deceased, to Medal of Honor winners. Dependents of career military are eligible for a Presidential.

Don't kid yourself. They are all very competitive. Treat them equally as such. Do your best and apply for ALL (including the VP) for which you are eligible.
Some Dependents of Reservists are also eligible for a service connected nomination (Presidential) depending upon how long the parent served. The academy can help with figuring out eligibility here.

As far as Nomination applications go. Just get them done by the deadline. Each MOC has a different deadline. Some have a received date and others have a postmarked date - not a bad idea to make your own date at least a week before those dates!

My daughter's school requires the transcripts to be sent out directly from the school. She got the applications and letters of recommendations together and they were sent in one package from the guidnace office.
Good idea to make a copy and be friendly with the guidance secretary! :wink:

Be proactive here - it is YOUR responsibility to ensure they are mailed on time! You also may want to follow up with the MOC's office to make sure the package was received.
You may be able to get your official transcripts now. Many guidance offices open a few weeks before school starts. Getting your own copy is a great idea. My son needed an informal copy for his Air Force Liaison Officer interview. Also, check with your school district to see when the teachers report to their schools. If you are asking one or two of last year's teachers for references, you could stop by and ask them two-three days before school starts. Teachers are happy to write letters, but actually getting them to do it....they procastinate just like students! :wink:

Good luck to you! :thumb:

Thank you for choosing to serve our country!

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Antoinette makes an excellent point - the best thing my daughter did was get a copy of her transcripts. She not only was able to verify that all her activities were on there but they were excellent reference for her in completing applications and she took them along on interviews as well.
mdlax10 - the nominating authorities usually want the transcripts sent directly from your school and are looking for class rank rather than GPA. Now that school is about to start you should find out if they have calculated your class rank and confirm that your rank will be posted on the transcript they will be sending. Unless instructed by the nominating authority to submit everything at once I would suggest that you submit what you can when completed. Also, and this costs a few dollars, consider sending everything USPS Priority Mail with a receipt confirmation. Track the item online and call the nomination liason and confirm they have received that piece of information and that it is in your file.
mdlax10 - I just reread your question - You seem concerned your school won't have updated transcripts.
They should be available now, as long as they are 6th semester they are good to send. My kids school has them available about 2 weeks after school gets out in June - not sure why you would have to wait until September.

Your transcripts should have a profile of your school, every course you took and the grade, an explanation of the grading system, class rank (if calculated), school activities, including athletics, test scores - SAT's and ACT's if your school received a score report.

Each MOC does their own thing - read and follow the directions. Some want the entire package submitted at once (to prevent separation) while others will allow piece meal submission.
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You can always update your accomplishments. Best to get the applications in as soon as you can.