What is Navy life like after graduation?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by coffee, May 7, 2010.

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    When commissioned, what is that first 5 years like? How often do they get to go home? Holidays? Does USNA graduate also have 3 year additional reserve like NROTC? What is reserve like?
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    This is a really broad question, and I'm qualified to answer...however, what part of the Navy are you talking about? Surface Warfare? Subs? Aviation?

    Hopefully CAPT MJ or usna will reply to this thread
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    Hence, a really broad answer. If there are pipeline schools to go to before reporting to the first operational tour, such as aviation, EOD, submarine, etc., then off you go to school. You do your school thing, fly hops, stand watches, living a "normal" life off-duty in civilian clothes and learning how to manage your life as an ensign. Some will go straight to sea duty/operational tour, and much will depend on where in the deployment cycle the unit is. Long work days, days at sea, days inport, weekend watches and so on. Workload permitting, you get Federal holidays ashore. If you're at sea, well, you're at sea, and depending on what's going on operationally, then you may get "holiday routine" or not. Leave - you earn 30 days a year, sometimes more under certain circumstances. Notice I don't say you "take" 30 days a year. You take it when you can. All will depend on the needs of the Navy. If you are close to a deployment, the ship, sub, squadron, EOD unit or SEAL det will be very, very busy, and it's highly unlikely you would get, say, week's leave. Doesn't matter what time of year it is. If you are deploying right after the Christmas holidays, well, that's your first priority.

    There will also be lots of unforgettable moments along the way. We just got 4 postcards in the mail today from a deployed Surface Warfare sponsor son, from various Med ports. He's working hard and having a blast on his very first deployment.

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