what is the "katrina" letter?


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Nov 1, 2008
ive seen a lot of things about a "katrina" letter. jst wondering what this is. Thanks
The Katrina letter was a basic "recruiting" letter. Probably sent to all the students who have opened a file or expressed interest in more information about the Academy. It tells about the Coast Guard's role during the Katrina situation. They also included their CD with info about the academy. I'm not sure why they sent it to everyone who has a file completed - including people like my D, who is already in their Scholars program (that might have been a mistake since students waiting for an early decision reply or already in the scholars program know where they want to be). The hard part is that some of these guys and gals are stalking their mailmen, waiting for a big envelope from USCGA and this comes - big envelope saying admissions info enclosed and their hopes are high - then they open it and find out it is a form letter going out to everyone. It made for an emotional rollercoaster...