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    Hey everyone! I know you can't tell me what my chances of getting an appointment are, however, I was wondering if you could take a look at my profile and tell me any strengths/weaknesses or things I should work on. Here it is:

    Freshman (9)
    Class Vice President
    Community service = 6 hours (I just currently started working 4 hours per weekend at the library)
    Freshmen math team
    Freshmen soccer
    Freshmen baseball (in the Spring)
    Varsity swimming

    Classes & Semester Grades:
    Art I = 87
    Physical Education = 97
    Geophysical Science = 91
    Honors English I = 89
    Ancient & Medieval History = 92
    Spanish II = 89
    Honors Geometry/Algebra II = 90
    Average semester grade = 90.7
    GPA = N/A (I can't find an accurate scale to calculate my GPA)

    Boy Scouts (rank = Star)
    Church (I alter serve and will soon start lecturing)

    Criminal Trespass
    Criminal Mischief
    (Last Summer I got caught up with some bad kids and went into an abandoned house in my town - long story, big mistake )

    Future Goals:
    1. Getting over 100 hours of community service.
    2. Becoming a member of NHS (when I'm eligible).
    3. Bringing my grades up this quarter.
    4. Becoming an Eagle Scout.

    Anyway, sorry for making this so long - I didn't anticipate on it being this long, but please reply as any replies will be appreciated!

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