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    I am I. The 7th grade right now and I would like to know what I should do to increase my chances of being accepted into the US Naval Academy. Right now, I am a competitive swimmer and straight A student. I commanded my schools drill team and I am in my schools gifted program. I will also be joining Boy Scouts within the next month. During high school, I plan to apply for NHS, do JROTC, do lots of community service, debate team, and swim in high school. I am also considering running.
    So far, My GPA is 4.0 and has never been below 3.7. My dad is a USMC Officer and recipient of the Bronze Star (not sure if that helps).
    Out of all of those things, is there anything else I should consider doing or anything that I don't need to do.
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    You`re already one step ahead of the program by looking into this already. You`re only in 7th grade, so don`t stress at all. In high school, take as many AP and honors classes as you feel you can handle, do well in school, participate in clubs and sports you enjoy, and try and get some leadership positions too. (Captain of teams, officers of clubs). NHS and JROTC is definitely great. So is volunteering and the debate team, and swimming too. Swimming is a winter sport in high school, so you could definitely do track and/or cross country. The more sports, the better. Try and do varsity and letter in them too.

    That`s pretty good what you`ve already got planned. Since your dad is in the military, this makes you eligible for a presidential nomination as well.

    Try and get to Eagle Scout with Boy Scouts, and in your junior year, apply for the Naval Academy`s Summer Seminar and Boy`s State.

    Keep up the good work. All of this that I`m writing was learned from looking at USNA`s website and learning a lot from these good folks here. You`ll get great information here because the people on here are parents of kids who attend SA`s, SMC`s, or do ROTC, and there are also people who are/have been in the military, and those who are currently attending or did attend a service academy, senior military college, or ROTC. You`ll find a lot of good information here.
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    • Stay healthy.
    • Stay out of trouble.
    • Strive for an A in every class you take.
    • Demonstrate leadership with sports and clubs, don't just be a member.
    • Avoid all drugs and alcohol.
    • Get your Eagle Scout award
    • Listen to your parents.
    • Get a haircut.
    • Turn that music down.

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