What sports should I participate in to help for admission to the Academy?

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    What sports should I participate in to help for admission to the Academy?
    I'm entering high school this year, and I was wondering what sports I should participate in during high school to help for admission to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Academically, I have a strong background, and during my freshman year, I will even be taking an honors chemistry course designed for juniors. I know that the Coast Guard Academy will prefer me doing something that I love, but I have no experience in any of the sports that my new school offers, and I want to pick up a new sport in high school. With that said, which sports from this list should I participate in during high school to help me for admission to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy?

    These sports are the only ones offered at my school.

    [Choose One Sport Per Season Only From This List (Assume you have equal or no experience in any of these sports)]

    Fall Sports Season
    - Cross Country
    - Soccer

    Winter Sports Season
    - Swimming
    - Basketball
    - Wrestling

    Spring Sports Season
    - Lacrosse
    - Tennis
    - Baseball
    - Golf

    Also, please explain why you would choose the specific combination? Thank you very much.
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    USCGA Sports

    Pick one sport and do it well.
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    Pick an academy to apply to. You posted this same question on 7 different forums, and have done it before.

    First, ask yourself what you want to do with your life, and not just what school can I go to for free. After that, contact the admissions officers for advice. Otherwise, live your life the way you want, excel at the tasks you set for yourself, and be as strong academically as you can in the classes you choose.
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    Same question everywhere hah

    Tennis is a pretty rough game (believe it or not, many good jokes aside). Most high schools make cuts where I'm from. I went out on a limb to prove some kids wrong freshman year...and got cut. I worked hard and made the team sophmore year after getting a job to pay A LOT of money for lessons to make the team, not to mention conditioning to meet the team's physical standards. I fell in love with it and will play Varsity this year. I don't regret it, but I wished I would have thought things through a bit more and went with a sport that was easier to learn and get good at. Things fell in place for my application and I'm sort of glad in the end I was teased for not being really athletic--but now I love it and working hard taught me that you only get what you put into of them.

    Try band. Sounds weird but is a great activity that occupies the summer and fall sports time at my school. Good leadership oppertunity too!

    Baseball--met a guy who was seriously courted by the SA's--some of the best in the country play for these schools. Plus, CGA is a NCAA Div III school that does not heavily recruit...

    Also interesting--a small percentage of cadets didn't play any sports in high school...just naturally athletic

    My humble opinion: do what you love and try new things. After that, hopefully your application will put "itself together" by doing the things you love. :thumb:[/QUOTE]

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