What the heck is wrong with me?

Discussion in 'Service Academy Parents' started by hopeful1998, Jul 21, 2016.

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    For me, it never was the day he left for school. Heck, his mom redecorated his bedroom within 48 hours of his departure...LOL, not that she didn't miss him, but that was her coping mechanism. We felt like the day he left for school, we had done as much as parents could do for a son, now it was time for him to follow his path. He didn't achieve all the things that earned his appointment because he needed Mom or me to hold his hand.

    I am prior service enlisted, but since oldest son left for WP, when i hear the Star Spangled Banner my eyes will well up. It's pride. It's love of country. It's hope that all of our service men and women make it through the day. That thought is what stays on my heart, as a dad.
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    It can get really interesting in our household when I'm talking military/contractor/aircraft lingo and by DH is talking IT (information technology) lingo. The only thing we have in common is 1's and 0's.
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    Hopeful1998, I just want to share that it's been several days since DS left for Reform - he's a youngster. When he's home he is a handful and at times I found myself counting down the days. Now that he's left the house is quiet, and there's reminders of him everywhere in the house. Now I feel an overwhelming loneliness and miss him terribly. Yes, I have to agree with you that our DS' happiness gives rise to a permanent absence at home. But everytime he comes home or when we visit Naptown, I notice something different about him - he's maturing and becoming that naval or marine officer. Maybe it's my bias, but even when we're out in public his "bearing" is noticed by others. If there is any encouragement or consolation I may offer, is that when your DS comes home, you will be amazed at his transformation. Your heart will swell with pride. Take care
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    Nothing is wrong with any parent who has a child selected to enter the profession of arms via a serve academy education!

    If anything, it shows that you raised your child to be a responsible citizen!

    Our service academies exist to train the very best of our citizenry to set at the highest levels...whether it be at city, county, state, or federal level.

    The best advice that I can give to parents is to let go of your children and allow them to embrace our culture of service. Take pride in raising a son/daughter that values service above self.

    The military services are a great place to start your personal and professional life, allow them to do so without restriction. You'll be even more proud of them in the end!

    GrilledCheese '94 Beat Army
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    We are just starting the application process and your post made me cry- tears of joy, excitement, loss, fear. What a ride this journey will be.
    (first post, btw)
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    Welcome Peppypea,

    You should go and introduce yourself, and be sure to get 10 posts ASAP so you can Private Message with folks. They Can be simple Hi's, Yeah's, thanks, whatever
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    Suffered with a bad case of "parental pride leakage" at the end of the Christmas visit. So I feel your pain hopeful1998
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