What to bring for Plebe summer


We are going over list with DS of what can be brought to Plebe summer. Underwear, undershirts, socks, compression shorts, etc. are issued (seemingly in quite large quantity!) So...would those "in the know" recommend we bring extra?
Also, are there any color restrictions for running shoes we can bring?
Any insight would be much appreciated! Thank you


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There are several threads on this forum where "what to bring to PS" has been discussed ad nauseam, you can look back at any of them using the search function for more detailed responses.

To briefly go answer your question, the only thing that I found useful to bring extra of was compression shorts and maybe if you don't want to wear briefs then some boxers/boxer briefs. They issue you more than enough socks/undershirts so I wouldn't worry about that.

There are no restrictions on color for running shoes. Whatever is most comfortable to run in is the best choice.

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There are a lot of people here with more current knowledge, but two thoughts:

1) DS will be issued what he really needs. Anything extraneous will be put away.
2) On running shoes, get whats comfortable, but I would recommend being conservative. Anything that stands out in the crowd is likely to draw unwanted attention from Detailers. Imagine flashy neon shoes surrounded by classmates wearing more conservative (ie. boring ) shoes. The early days of Plebe Summer is not the time to try stand out. (Same with showing up with a flowing mane of long hair (for guys), although it is kinda fun 30 years later, because everybody remembers "that guy").


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On running shoes, get whats comfortable, but I would recommend being conservative. Anything that stands out in the crowd is likely to draw unwanted attention from Detailers. Imagine flashy neon shoes surrounded by classmates wearing more conservative (ie. boring ) shoes. The early days of Plebe Summer is not the time to try stand out.
@Old Navy BGO, time has changed, and flashy color running shoes are now the norm. You will not stand out in a negative way because your shoes are neon yellow, green or orange. You will standout if you quickly develop shin splints even if you were wearing black or white shoes.

For USNA PS, pick any color you like as long as it a pair you tried and is suitable for your feet. It might even help your parents easier to locate you in the sea of look alikes! I saw the thread about requiring black running shoes for CGA this year. Aren't you glad you are going to Annapolis?!

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I think USNA realized a few years ago trying to find mostly white/plain running shoes was difficult, and that fit and comfort were better criteria.

I was just at Ft. Meade BX this past weekend to pick up a new pair of cross-train athletic shoes for workouts. Best fit was a pair of NB with black, safety orange and a dash of purple, with two-toned laces. I don't even look at color anymore.


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One thing on colors of your own stuff, if you're bringing compression shorts they have to be black or navy blue. That's a Big Navy reg and you will get called out for it. Also, most detailers will require you to wear compression shorts in PT gear. So if you aren't used to wearing them and think that's something you need to get used to, start wearing them when you work out.


Nothing much to add, but I'm bored so will do so anyway.
  • Big yes to the compression shorts. After a lifetime in boxers and boxer/briefs, our 2020 plebe didn't much appreciate the issued tighty-whities.
  • Big yes to the running shoes. We spent a little extra time and $ going to a running store to get his feet measured and gait evaluated. The resulting shoes were very comfortable and definitely flashy (white with orange/silver/lime green). No one said anything about the color of his shoes, despite the ability to see them from space.
  • Insoles. We got a couple of pairs of inserts for his new running shoes and his boots. Think the brand was SuperFeet. They're issued these as well, but we spent a little extra as we figured (correctly) that happy feet = happy plebe.
Other than this, and as is noted everywhere in this forum, you really won't need anything else (other than PTR paperwork). You can literally show up naked.


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I also got some white compression shorts to wear in my Summer Whites. Sometimes you're out in them for a long time in the hot sun (like football games, graduation, and possibly liberty for underclassmen) and compression shorts are more comfortable. The pants are not very thick so it's usually good to have white underwear/compression shorts for when you're in them.


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Shoes were anything goes last summer. No such thing as conservative. It didn't matter. Also, at Parents weekend I bought white compression shorts at the MidStore for a good price. They were for under the white uniform. In high school my kid wore longer compressions, but it seems like he needed the shorter ones that don't come out from under shorts. He showed up with his papers, running shoes on, and his Bible on IDay.


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Actually, they get one visit of about a half hour approximately halfway through plebe summer.
What I meant to say was they can't just run in there any time if they need something. Parents, they will let you know on the first phone call what to send. Don't stress about it.


Care packages sent probably more important that what to bring on I-Day (except for pre-worn running shoes)
Agreed. We sent at least one a week (small), often more, in addition to the flood of mail. I wrote DS a short note every day in addition to a weekly magazine-style letter. Wife & daughter wrote about once a week and I enlisted others to write, which they did.

Your plebe will be floored by the amount of "stuff" they give them. Mine took some extra black compression shorts and his bible He said he needed both
Most often-repeated request from DS during PS - "keep writing and, more importantly, keep praying."

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My plebe showed up in 2014 with his paperwork, cell phone and charger, wallet with $100 for the baseball game, running shoes on his feet..... I have not really had to give him anything else since and he is knocking on the door of his Firstie year!!!
My parents dropped me off at the airport in 1981 with a gym bag (without cell phone !). Almost everything I owned from there on was issued or bought at the Midstore. I think my parents felt guilty, because my Mom gave me a credit card my First Class year with the admonition to buy a civilian wardrobe. Foolish me, I never took advantage of the offer, and turned the card back to them at graduation virtually unused. Once your plebe gets to use the Midstore, you will find that there is virtually nothing that can't be bought there.