What to Bring to Remedial Appointment


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Feb 12, 2017
For the initial medical exam, I was required to bring a packet of medical information and history. Is this required for the remedial appointment? The doctor's office told me to bring it, but I can't seem to find it on my DoDMERB account.
We just brought the remedial letter which had specific instructions for the Dr. [ie what lab test was needed and request to evaluate clinically / diagnose for military service suitability.] It had been a while since last trip to his office so he did do a basic physical and completed the 'high school sports form' which I did send in to DoDMERB as it was applicable to the clinical diagnosis along with the lab results.

If I recall my DS filled all that out online ahead of time; he did not bring anything except ID to the Concorde DoDMERB exam.
They should not need the whole supporting packet again but some Dr.s like to dot all the 'i's and cross all the 't's with medical history every time they see you [or are too lazy to have their staff pull it up ahead of time . . .] This was one advantage to using our existing family Dr. [pediatrician] who had seen my DS since 18 mos old.

Be sure to ask your examining Dr. to focus on the specifics in the remedial letter; there is zero advantage repeating tests that you have already qualified for . . . here is a good example of 'less is more.'