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    Hi everyone,

    While this is my first post, I have actually been reading and enjoying all of the helpful information on here for quite some time.

    I was recently accepted to both USMA SLS (Session 2) & USAFA SS (Session C); still waiting on USNA.

    I was wondering what exactly I need to bring, because looking at the instructions, it says that we will be issued several shirts. So I wasn't sure if we get to keep these or not, because I will need to pack my suitcase accordingly.

    Also, for anyone who has been to SLS, what (if any) thing(s) do you get to keep? Again, just wondering about suitcase space.



    (Posted on both USMA & USAFA to get info for both sessions)
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    you'll be issued a number of different items the first day you get there. as for what you get to keep, it'll include 3 t-shirts, 2 polos, a rain slicker, and a camelback...so you'll want to leave a bit of room in your suitcase. this certainly is liable to change but that's how it went for me last summer.

    as for what you need to bring, follow the packing list closely. they outline exactly what you'll need. make sure if you signed up for the chemistry session to bring pants. they won't let you into the lab without them. if you have any more specific questions, you know where to look.

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