what to do the day before Iday

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    We are trying to make plan a for attending I day with our son-and want to know if we need an extra one or two days. We are trying to determine what needs to be done before he reports. For example, will he (we) go and set up his bank accounts? Is there anything that needs to be done?

    I am assuming drivers license renewals and voters registration are kept in our home state.
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    Early Is OK

    How early you arrive in Annapolis may depend on where you are coming from. We arrived on a Mon evening. Since we are from the west coast, we wanted to give our son a couple of days to adjust to EST and the early wake up he would be receiving Fri morning, the first day of PS. As for bank accounts, we did set one up before heading to USNA with NFCU but found out that paperwork was included in the Permit To Report Packet. I'm not sure if you've heard of this packet but last year it included several forms that needed to be completed for administrative purposes such as immunization records and a marriage and dependent declaration. It also included the report time for my son. We received the PTR Packet mid March. When we arrived, my son was able to meet up with another appointee he had met at STEM and spend some time working out and just hanging out together before the big change. It also allowed us to meet his family, which just added to the efforts of trying to make things normal and relaxed before I-Day. I think it was very beneficial for all of us to come a few days early and I would recommend it to all who are considering it. Cheers and congratulations.
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    We flew in from the midwest the day before I-day last year, getting in around mid-afternoon. My DS already had an account setup with NFCU using the paperwork in the PTR packet, but he was able to deposit funds from his old account back home. We had plenty of time to walk around the yard and get some pictures, visit the mid store, get a nice dinner and just relax before his 6:30 am report time! If you can't swing a lot of extra time, this worked just fine for us! :) Oh, and he still has his drivers license from back home (can't drive there yet anyway!), and voted via absentee ballot in the November election...
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    We live in Northern Calif and want our DS to adjust to the time change and weather so we are taking a red eye on the Friday night before. We will do a little sight seeing and give him plenty of time to run!
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    Assuming everything in the PTR packet's been taken care of, there's nothing you "need" to do. I mean, arrive the day before, but there's nothing critical that needs to happen.

    Just hang out in the Annapolis area. If you're there two days early, maybe take a day trip to DC. Walk around DTA and let your kid enjoy all the foods and luxuries he won't be able to for a while. There's some really great restaurants in Annapolis/Eastport, and you may want to consider getting a reservation considering that 1000+ families are descending on Annapolis that same night.
    This is just my opinion, but DO NOT go onto the yard or visit the Mid Store unless he really wants to. He'll be spending piles of time there soon enough. If it's because you want to wander around the Yard, do it on I-Day once you've released him to the hounds. The Mid Store in particular will be a nightmare to get around, but let me give you a hint if you're that worried: Class of 2017 swag will be there for four years to come, especially when he's a plebe.
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    We let our son decide when to arrive at Annapolis and he wanted to max his summer break at home as he only had about 3 weeks. So we arrived the evening before and dropped him off at his report time the next morning. He didn't need to do anything before I-day on the Yard. It was suggested (somewhere--maybe on this forum, can't remember) that we take copies of everything we had sent into the Academy (permit to report packet has everything you will need to complete and send in beforehand) just in case it was needed, which it wasn't but you never know.

    A couple of points to keep in mind. Anyone coming onto the Yard has to have ID--the guard wouldn't let a mom walk her son on to drop him off because she'd left her ID at the hotel. Be sure to feed your plebe breakfast and think ahead if the report time is early. Our son didn't get to eat lunch and was pretty appreciative of the sandwich we brought for him after his oath.

    Hurricane's advice is very wise--I'd heed it. :smile:

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