What to do with noms that I won't use?


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Jan 25, 2017
I have received two senatorial nominations to USMMA, but have changed my mind about finishing my application for that academy. The applications to my Senators had to be submitted way back in October, and actually said we had to choose at least two different academies (even though I didn't want to choose a second one). I put down USMMA as my second choice and started my application there, but have since ruled it out. I just don't think it's the right place for me. I feel grateful to have received these noms, and at the same time I feel bad because I know other people are still waiting for theirs. Will the issue automatically get resolved when I withdraw my application from USMMA? Will someone else get assigned to these noms when I withdraw? I did receive a congressional nomination to my first academy choice.
I would reach out to the Senator's liaison and tell them of your decision. It is possible for the MOCs to change there nominations if they so desire.
Sea2sea: what state are you in? They will see your withdrawn application, however it's likely that once the slate is submitted, they are not going back to the portal to check. So, yes, contacting them today might free up a slot for someone else, if they can make the adjustment by cob 1/31.