What to expect at this point?


Dec 27, 2015
I am a freshmen at NC State and this is my first year applying to the CGA. Like a majority of the applicants I made myself as competitive as possible. I had a 1350 SAT (690 Math, 660 Reading) and my first semester gpa was a 3.81 (general first year engineering courses). I even spent a semester as a non scholarship midshipmen in our nrotc program. My main weaknesses on my application are that I have hearing loss (can't commission in the navy which is why i dropped from rotc), i haven't filled any leadership roles since joining college, and i did not schedule an officer interview. I was at this point last year when i applied to USNA (got rejected at the beginning of april). I know it's all about patience, and i'm sure i'm not alone on this, but what should i honestly expect at this point? Do a lot of applicants recieve appointments towards the end of the cycle?