What's a homeschooler to do?


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Feb 21, 2008

I'm new here, so if I broke a rule by starting a new topic this way, please forgive me.

I am/have:
Homeschooled, graduated by Georgia GED (is this bad?)
Currently attending a community college (as recommended by USAFA), Augusta State University, but no GPA yet, this is my first semester.

At another community tech school, I had a 3.8 GPA (though that won't mean much, coming from that school, Augusta Technical College...)

No experience in high school sports. I did fence (you know, "sword fighting"?)for a year. I joined a local running club and will run races, will this help?

SAT: Verbal 760, Math 600 (I'll improve the math, just watch me)
Not applied for nominations.
Not taken the Pre-Candidate Questionnaire (I don't think I can, at this time)
A Cadet Captain in Civil Air Patrol, shooting for Spaatz
I did not go to Summer Seminar (crap!) and now I can't (only high-school juniors can).

A soft, squishy, weak guy. Never tried the Basketball throw (what a bizarre test) Mile best time-6:26, Pushups-approx. 45, Situps in a minute-approx. 55, Shuttle run-9.1, Pullups-4 (HA Ha ha!) I'm working to rectify this situation.

I REALLY want to become an Air Force Officer. I have visited AFROTC Det. 165 at GaTech; I plan to go to either the Academy or GaTech. (I know I'm gonna need to fix my SAT Math) I have friends (adults) who think highly of me and have already offered to write recommendation letters (I'm very thankful for them) Right now, I think my stats are weak, especially in the sports department. I want to become the perfect USAFA applicant, what can I do? I am ready to do almost anything to ensure my acceptance. Also, none of the other academies or services appeal to me. I honestly admire those who serve their country in their respective services, but I'm Air Force true blue, through and through. From here, what should I do?

All help is EXTREMELY appreciated!
Okay, I can apply next year though, right? That's what I had in mind. I'm sorry that I didn't make that clear.
Hey, badgerta, welcome to the Service Academy Forums. :welcome1: We have several Air Force and USAFA members here. We are glad to have you!

I think your SAT scores are strong, and your fitness scores should be easy to improve. You have the desire, you are planning ahead, plus the CAP leadership and your new competitive running program are both excellent. Do not worry that you did not go to SS, most candidates do not go because of the limited numbers allowed to attend.

I am sure you have already read most of the USAFA website here:

If you meet the eligibillity requirements, go ahead and start the precandidate questionnaire here:

Your Admissions Liasion Officer (ALO) in your area will not know about you until you enter the Air Force system by beginning your application with the precandidate questionnaire. The ALOs are very well trained and from the comments I have read here and from my son's experience, they are supportive and easy to communicate with.

Stay strong mentally and physically and remember, you will never know if you can get in to the USAFA unless you try.

Best wishes!

^^^^^^^ I dont think anyone can top that, hence the reason why we love her presence on these forums!!! :yay:
I think you definately have the potential to be competitave next year with a little working out and SAT prep.