What's Needed For ROTC?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by ballsy, Nov 3, 2014.

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    Hello all,

    I'm a senior planning for my first year of ROTC. I tried to use the search function for this but couldn't find any results, but I remember seeing an old thread about it. So here goes: What do I need for ROTC, in terms of materials? I was thinking boots and a watch, but a knife wasn't really needed. Anything else? Thanks!
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    ROTC provides all that you need initially other than a watch. My son does have a military watch that he wears daily. Knives are tricky as you will probably be living on campus and there are rules against them. But no, you don't need one.

    Eventually, lots of guys seem to buy their own boots, but I think you need to get there first before you make those decisions.
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    son really wanted to make the RC team, so worked hard all summer before MS1 yr. He bought boots (got a recommendation from an MS3 in his program) and a used ruck (from a family friend who is a Ranger) and rucked alot over summer. Therefore he had approved broken in boots when he showed up. He didnt bring his ruck to school and used their issued one.

    I sent him a watch but I dont think he loved it and he said he was going to buy a new one when he had pay accumulated.

    Not everything was issued for 3 day fall LTX so he needed some odds and ends: batteries, flashlight, toilet paper....(not a big deal)

    Book money does not come before your buy your books, so you will need some cash up front.

    Both my navy and army son constantly ask for more socks, more socks, more socks.

    More important than buying anything really though is showing up planning on acing that PFT. That's HUGE!!!!!
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    If you're going AFROTC, don't buy boots because you won't be allowed to wear them for the first two years. But otherwise, the items mentioned are useful. They'll issue you everything you need so don't worry.

    Also you don't need to go crazy and buy a super expensive watch. I've had the same $15 watch for almost two years and it survived FT and does what I need it to do. Just one that tells time and has a stopwatch will do. I'd save the extra money for books (especially as an engineering major...)

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