When do most scholarships get offered?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by jonny813, Nov 25, 2014.

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    For AROTC, which of the three boards gives out the most scholarships? I was recently denied one from the first board and I'd like to know which of the next two boards I am most likely to get a scholarship from
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    If you were boarded and was not awarded a scholarship you weren't denied. You were deferred to the next board. When they board you they basically gave you a score. They awarded scholarship to the top X (230 - I believe that was the stat someone threw out there) out of y (950 - again was the number someone threw out). They will continue to accept applications until the cutoff dates. Those that are boarded will be given a score when boarded based on the same criteria. Some may come in above you and some may come in below you. How many there are will depend on how many apply. How many awarded will depend on how scholarships they have. As you get towards the end, the bigger issue becomes will they still have a scholarship spot at a school of your choice if you are selected. Obviously they want what they consider the top candidates. Historically, they have numbers to compare. They know strong candidates will continue to roll in until the cutoff and therefore hold back a certain number of scholarships. Hang in there. It is not over until all the boards have met and the last scholarship is given out. When I was in school, they awarded some the first quarter. You have to will be some no shows. And don't forget hey have 3 yr scholarships. If for some reason you are not awarded a 4yr go and participate in ROTC and apply for a 3 year. Good luck.

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