When do waivers actually start processing?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Sneak, Aug 23, 2016.

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    Right now I have an R259.10, meaning that I was DQ'ed and that I have another remedial pending. The website says that I will be considered for a waiver once I complete the pending remedial.

    Does this mean that the waiver process will start even though my applications are not complete? I was under the impression that you needed a complete application to an academy in order to be considered for a waiver. That would make sense, right? Because they need to know if you have the potential for an appointment before giving out a waiver?

    Or is that the reason that the dodmerb process only starts once you have more than half of your application done: so that your potential for admission is ready to be assessed?

    Will I know if I have a waiver before I find out about my admission status? Or do I not find out that information until I get a TWE/appointment?
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    Your impression is correct: waivers are processed once your application is completed. You will not receive an appointment if your waiver is denied. Keep in mind that an accepted waiver does not always equate to an appointment. However, it is the academies that initiate the waiver (based on competitiveness) so receiving a waiver is a good sign.

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