When to contact a specialist?


Dec 30, 2016
I recently received a remedial request for asthma and eczema after my examination.

For the eczema I had one incident 1.5 years ago that was immediately treated and haven't had any symptoms since.

For Asthma I haven't had an attack in over a decade, though I have been prescribed albuterol for wheezing only when I was sick with a cough and a fever, the last treatment being 1.5 years ago as well.

I do not currently suffer from either conditions, and I would like to when the appropriate time would be to contact a specialist and get their opinions on these conditions to DoDMERB.

I even found a dermatologist near me who is a USAFA grad, and I would like to know whether it would be beneficial to contact him at this point to have him look over my skin to make sure there is no eczema.

Thank you for all your help it really means a lot.
From my DS's experience I think it is a good idea to go see a dermatologist, preferably one with military experience, as soon as possible. My DS was able to get a waiver from NROTC for eczema and we are waiting on AFROTC. My DS went to see a dermatologist with military experience and I think that helped a lot in terms of getting a waiver from NROTC -- the dermatologist wrote a letter explaining that he had none of the symptoms of chronic eczema and recommended that he be granted a waiver. You should take your medical records relating to your past incident of eczema to your dermatologist -- and also have your primary care physician write a letter stating that the eczema was very minor and treatable, and send that to DODMERB and show it to the dermatologist as well. That way the dermatologist will have some background info on which to base his/her determination.
I meant to add to the above -- this is assuming DODMERB DQ's you -- which I'm assuming they will -- I think it is automatic if you've had any incident of eczema after the age of 12. But I think there is a very good chance you can get a waiver.
Thanks for the response!
So right now I should just fill out the remedial and wait for a decision by DoDMERB?
Only contact a specialist after I have been DQd
Yes, that is what my DS did. And be prepared to act fast if you get DQ'd; the sooner you get letters and medical info sent in after a DQ the better.