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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by SubRider, Jul 13, 2012.

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    My DD received her DoDMERB instruction letter today and I'm not sure whether she should schedule the exam right away or if she should postpone it. I know you normally want to complete everything in the application process as soon as possible, but in her case I'm thinking it may be better to wait until a current medical issue is dealt with first.

    She had an ankle injury last year which required surgery in October and she's still not 100% recovered. She's back to playing club soccer and has completed practice CFA's , but is having more pain and swelling than her orthopedic surgeon thinks is normal. Just this week he refferred her to see an ankle specialist for a second opinion. We're still waiting for confirmation, but she should see him in 2 weeks. We're thinking he may want to go in to clean up scar tissue because her current doctor says the ankle structure feels solid and he doesn't think any additional repairs are needed.

    Would it be best to try scheduling the DoD exams now while she's still being treated or would it be best to schedule them 5 weeks out in hopes of her being fully recovered by then? My initial thought is to delay the exams. The only benefit I see to getting them done right away is that it would give her more time to deal with a waiver if she's DQ'd.

    I'm sure there's probably other issues I'm overlooking.
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    I think I'd go ahead and schedule the appointments, and acknowledge the issue. Whether you wait or not, you will have to disclose the ankle surgery, recovery issue and get an "all clear" letter. Since you'll need the letter now or if you wait, I'd go ahead and get the rest done so that it is the only outstanding issue. My son had an issue which required testing - we knew it ahead of time and disclosed the issue and the fact that we had scheduled the testing and asked if there were any other tests they would want so they could be scheduled as well (under our insurance). He had the regular appointments w/ DODMERB medical and eye examiners and those were submitted. Then, as soon as the testing on his issue was complete, those reports were submitted and reviewed. Because they knew ahead of time, he was never DQ'd - instead, his review was delayed until the final reports were submitted. Good luck to your soccer player - I hope the ankle is cleared quickly!

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