When to start application process?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Jason922, May 6, 2015.

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    I'm still in my Junior year, and I didn't get in to NASS (I live in WA, don't know if that's competitive or not). I have around a 3.58 GPA and 1360 CR+M SAT, will probably do well on the CFA.

    The timeline on the website confuses me, and I'd like to ask some clarifying questions. Is the process for applying for a nomination best started now, or in the summer, along with other college applications?

    I've heard of people becoming an "official candidate" around May-June, should I wait for a letter saying that before I begin the process?

    Sorry if these questions are very basic, I am just very intent on doing everything I can to make it into USNA.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. pknguyen44

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    Start nomination paperwork now and submit it, some MOC offices begin reviewing applications during the summer.
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    Yes, most definitely start the process NOW. Contact your MOC people who are in charge of the nomination process and ask them questions about the best time to get it turned in, best way to put the packet together, etc.
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    Don't be discouraged about not getting NASS. The numbers I've heard are something like 8000 applications are submitted for 1800 spots. DS didn't get NASS over the summer, but received an LOA and Appointment in November.
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    You actually should start off on the USNA Admissions page (if not already) to find out what nominations you are eligible for. Everyone is eligible for at least 4 (Vice President, 2 x State Senators, Congressman/Congresswoman). For your Senators and Congressman/Congresswoman, visit their websites through senate.gov and house.gov (most have a section on their website for service academy nomination information, normally under "constituent services"). Here you can find out a lot of information on how they run their process, including applications and FAQs. Thus, if you do end up calling the service academy nomination coordinator for more information, you are not already asking questions that have been answered.

    Quality is better than hurrying (as long as you are in front of the deadline).
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