When will we hear back from Summer Seminar?


Sep 15, 2016
I searched past threads and saw some people saying it was rolling admissions while others said it was a single day. Does anyone have any info for what's going on this year? Application is currently under the 'not processed' stage & was turned in on 12/12.
I can not tell you about this year but last year I submitted my application on January 3rd and received notice the second week of February. If I remember correctly I was in the first wave of acceptances. Many people who applied earlier than I did heard later than I did(both good and bad). It is great practice for the application. I submitted my full application in August and am still waiting. The six week wait back then seems like the good old days. Now might be a good time to contact your ALO and introduce yourself and let them know you have completed a Summer Seminar Application. I have talked extensively with my ALO over the past two years and it made my interview a lot less stressful. Good Luck!!
For Navy I heard back on February 23rd, I don't know about Air Force but I'd imagine that they are very similar timelines.