Where do you get your news?


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Jan 30, 2007
I am getting more of my news online lately...and relying less on newspapers and television. Here is my favorite online source of international and military news and commentary:

Two military blogs I read are:
Michael Yon and http://abumuqawama.blogspot.com/

My younger housemate :wink: watches the Daily Show for news and South Park for commentary on important issues. He has convinced me to watch these shows and I have gained a new respect for the Comedy Channel.

Where do you get your news?
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I have CNN and Navy Times in my bookmarks toolbar along with CNET for technology and Insideline for my car stuff. The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and South Park are a must.
For a good take on navy and military news, plus a mix of just interesting current events and old sea stories I like to go to:


Captain Lex was a F/A 18 Pilot and Squadron Commander who lives in San Diego and is close to retirement. Good stuff.
My interest in the news is ebb and flow.

Sometimes I'm very interested. Sometimes I just get tired of the same coverage of Spears or Lohan. I'm not saying I get any less tired of the war coverage.

And then sometimes, I tune in.

I do appreciate talk radio. There's some news there, but I mainly like the political dialogue. I was a Government major, what can I say?
My oldest has me hooked on the BBC. We get it on cable and I read it on the internet as well.
They seem to cover the war and our activities overseas more thoroughly than the US "popular" media.

I get most of the National and World news from the Internet - networks and some newspapers like the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun - when they are bashing the Naval Academy -:wink:.

I rarely get news on TV although I occasionally watch Countdown on MSNBC with Keith Olbermann. I know, I know, I can't help it - he IS funny though.
BBC...................They seem to cover the war and our activities overseas more thoroughly than the US "popular" media.

I was surprised to hear that my kiddo's boat has an embedded BBC reporter. This morning's AP, WP, Army Times, and MSNBC Basra reports refer to 'British sources' which seem to be using his inputs.
Don't forget about google news alert. While my brother was deployed, my mom (and the rest of us) had alerts automatically emailed to us through google. Use quotation marks and be as specific or general as you like. We had "marine 3/25" as our alert. Whenever anything is posted ANYWHERE on the internet with that phrase, you'll get an email alert.

Very helpful
Reddit.com for tech and politics, BBC and The Guardian for news and current events.