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    Where do I send the medical forms that are required for The Citadel? I am applying for CSI and I'm not sure if I should send them to the CSI office or the Infirmary? Thank you in advance
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    Below are the contact coordinates for the CSI program at The Citadel. I suggest you call yourself (not parent or other person), and ask for the information you need - if it is not in your individual packet of information. A good rule of thumb for young persons starting their college careers is to learn how to find information for themselves - assert themselves and be insistent on getting answers. I mean this in all sincerity - don't rely on others no matter how well meaning they appear to be - odds are they are not affected by the answers they give you, but you will end up with the consequences for their failure to exercise due care on your behalf. So get the answers you need and don't stop asking until you get what you need. Good Luck to you.

    CSI Contact Information

    If you have questions or would like more information regarding the Citadel Success Institute, please contact the CSI Coordinator, Ashley Dudley via phone, email, fax, or mail.

    Phone, Fax, and E-mail
    Phone: (843) 953-1821
    Fax: (843) 953-7464
    E-mail: chransa1@citadel.edu

    Mailing Address

    Citadel Success Institute
    c/o Office of Multicultural Student Services and International Studies
    135 Thompson Hall
    The Citadel
    171 Moultrie St.
    Charleston, SC 29409
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