Which score to use for SS application


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Dec 25, 2016

I'm currently in the process of applying to summer seminar, and am conflicted as to which score I should submit for my application - ACT or SAT. My ACT Score is a 32 composite: 35 English, 35 Writing, 32 Science, 27 Math. My SAT is a 1410 composite: 720 Reading, 690 Math.

My percentile for my composite ACT is much higher than my percentile for SAT, however, SAT math is ranked higher than my ACT math. I realize that math is emphasized at all the academies.

What would you all recommend on submitting? Of course I will be retaking these tests for when I actually apply to the academies, but I do not have time to retake before the deadline for SS applications.

Can you submit both? That will let the Academy sort out what score they like better. Both scores are good. If you can only submit one I will let other people on this forum advice on what score to submit. Good Luck!
If they only let you report one, go with the SAT. Math is emphasized and according to the college board approximate conversions, your SAT is about the same as you ACT.
The Academy Admissions website says:
"One or More Test Scores: PSAT, PLAN, SAT, and/or ACT"
So you can submit both.
I would submit both, but keep in mind SAT scores don't matter a lot for Summer Seminar. They have to let a certain amount of people in per district so when I went there were A LOT of people there with really bad test scores. Mine weren't very good either at first but I improved them by the time I had to apply for reals.