Which uniform will incoming AFROTC students wear?

Oct 18, 2019
Not a huge priority to know this at the moment, but curious if incoming AFROTC students will be issued / purchase ABU uniforms or OCP since the cutoff deadline will be after the school year starts?

Seems like it would be a shame to invest in ABU related items just to switch in the near future. I would also hate getting stuck with ABUs for all 4 years since AFROTC is low on the priority list for who gets supplies. Have to wear them for CAP and they get plenty warm on search and rescue missions in the summer, and I don't quite understand digital tiger stripe...

If no one has information Ill be checking in with my future unit in the upcoming months, so don't go out of your way to find the info.
BLUF: The current plan is for y'all to get OCPs.
Starting next year, AFROTC cadets going to Field Training will be in OCPs. Which means that my class (the current sophomores/AS200s) will be the last to go to FT in ABUs. We will continue to wear them until we commission, but we will have the option to buy OCPs (personal expense). Also, the cutoff doesn't really apply to ROTC from what I have seen...some AROTC kids at my school are still in ACUs.